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Our MISSION is to effectively TRAIN and set a people on course to discover, develop and practice their God-given purpose.


Our VISION is GLOBAL EVANGELISM, demonstrated through the disciples of Jesus Christ,


We decree 10% and greater of Fredericksburg population as members and laborers of this ministry. We declare that this is a debt-free ministry. We declare that this is a ministry where mankind's total life shall be changed to the image and likeness of God. We declare that a harvest of new souls shall come from the north, south, east and west, and shall be delivered and set free from the bondage of sin. We declare this to be a house of new beginnings, restoration and total life prosperity. We declare that the people of this ministry shall be blessed as they sow into this ministry, and every need of this church and its Pastors shall be supplied. We decree social and economic redevelopment into every area that our church represents.


With Christ, all things are possible!

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