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Pastor, evangelist, conference speaker, author, playwright, TV and radio personality, wife, and mother: this anointed vessel surrendered her will unto the Lord in 1995. She knew that this was her calling. Pastor Lisa Veney began preaching as a licensed minister in 1998 and was ordained as a minister in 2002. She began preaching in local churches, jails and throughout her community. Her ministry grew exponentially and in 2003 Pastor Veney began her national ministry, expanding internationally soon after. 


 Pastor Veney now travels around the world preaching the gospel and breaking the chains of the enemy by the power of God. Whatever and wherever the venue, with saved or unsaved believers, Pastor Veney shares her powerful testimony of how God miraculously delivered her from a nine-year crack cocaine addiction.  She stands firm on her powerful message: “If God can deliver me, He can deliver anyone!”  


Pastor Veney holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian theology and an Associate’s degree in Biblical Studies from the Alpha Bible College in Loretto, Virginia. Pastor Veney is currently the Pastor at United Nations Church International in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she submits to the authority of Bishop Orrin Pullings & Dr. Medina Pullings. 

Pastor Lisa has published an autobiography - From Misery to Ministry – in 2008. It has led to several opportunities including a feature story on “The 700 Club”. The newly released Dutch translation of her autobiography was released in South America, and Europe. Anointed to preach to the nations, Pastor Veney is also an international evangelist who has traveled to Niger, Africa, where she was the first female evangelist ever to preach a Citywide Evangelistic Crusade. She has also led large missions to Aruba, Suriname, Uganda, Curacao, French Guiana and throughout the Netherlands. 


She is a devoted wife and a dedicated mother. Her greatest desire is to see souls delivered and set free by the power of God. 

Pastor Lisa Veney

Pastor Lisa Veney

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Pastor Lisa Veney

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